Lao, Hmong and American Veterans Memorial

Colonel Shoua Yang

First name:    Shoua

Last name:   Yang

Company:   unknown

Company Commander:   unknown

Battalion:   unknown

Battalion Commader:   unknown

Regiment:   unknown

Regiment Commander:   unknown

Military Region:   Two

Military/Civil services started on:   Oct. 1948

Ended on:   May 14 1975

Last Military Rank known before 1975:   Colonel

Last Civilian Title known before 1975:   unknown

Family Information

Father’s name:   Sai Chao Yang

Mother’s name:   Chia Lee

Spouse’s name:   Pa Thao & Ka Vue

Children’s names:   Mai Gnia Yang
Mai Koua Yang
Nyia Vang Yang
Sue Yang
Chalee Yang
Kao Nou Yang
Kao Hli Yang
Kao Ying Yang
Kao Yer Yang
Vang Choua Yang

Personal Biography

Colonel Shoua Yang’s was best described as the Hmong Guerrilla War Hero of Laos. He began his military career in 1948 and ended in 1975 as a French, Royal Lao and the U.S. Special Guerrilla Units (SGU) officer. He was one of the bravest, most intelligent and dedicated SGU/Royal Lao military commanders in Military Region 2 of Laos. He was General Vang Pao’s Chief Military Strategist and 2nd in command fighting the U.S. “Secret War” in Laos against the North Vietnam and the Pathet Lao from 1960 – 1975. Colonel Shoua Yang was also sophisticated, intelligent, a man of his word, honest, humble, and generous with a lot of perseverance.

In one particular battle in a February morning of 1961, Colonel Shoua Yang was dispatched to Khang Khao and Ban Pha of Xieng Khuang Province. As expected, he encountered Captain Kong Le’s troops at both places. But the battle of Ban Pha was the key battle that led to the Hmong’s fifteen years of guerrilla warfare against the North Vietnamese and the Pathet Lao with the support of the Americans. In the early hours of this February morning, near a valley in Ban Pha, as Captain Kong Le’s battalions were coming down from the surrounding hillside where they had spent the night, they lined up, saluted their commanders and finished their morning routines. Colonel Shoua Yang’s company then took the hill side, aimed their guns at the valley below and opened fire at the battalions. It nearly wiped out Captain Kong Le’s three battalions which insisted of 2,000 soldiers. All of the resistance’s weapons were collected and picked-up by a Sikorsky helicopter as hard evidences; and this had earned the Hmong the title of a trusted ally to the Americans.

In Colonel Shoua Yang’s amazing military career, he received a total of fourteen Medals of Honor during his services in the French Army, the Royal Lao Army and the U.S. Special Guerrilla Units. From 1948 to 1954 with the French military, he was wounded three times and earned two Purple Hearts and five Medals of Honor. From 1962 to 1975 with the Royal Lao Military and the U.S. Special Guerrilla Units, he received six Medals of Honor. In 1996, he received his last, the Vietnam Veteran National Medal of Honor in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Colonel Shoua Yang has profoundly impacted the lives of the Hmong people. From 1960 to 1975, He was one of the legendary commanders who stood for the country of Laos, the Hmong people and for their independence, liberty and justice. This is the legacy of the Hmong unsung hero, Colonel Shoua Yang.